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Time has been sporadically present in many of my works but in this one it is central. The project’s aim is to produce large scale drawings that are created from millions of tiny dots and circles. It is a process that requires a great deal of accuracy, patience and of course, time.

I began this project on my final year of studying. Initial idea was to produce enormously big abstract drawings made of tiny elements that resemble organic structures and evoke feeling of being immersed in this micro world. As I began working I quickly became aware that it will take me a lot of time to finish, so I started carefully measuring every passing minute as I draw. I soon realized the importance of the element of time in my work and continued to write down the timetable quite elaborately. Each piece is named with the number representing the sum of hours and minutes it took me to make them.

This work has a somewhat performative nature as it is based on exploration of personal strength and endurance that are imperative for making it. By introducing obsessive like manner of applying dots I gradually test myself, dot by dot. At the same time the process is sometimes calming and meditative.

Here presented are two works belonging to this series, 229 hours and 10 minutes and 120 hours. In 229 hours and 10 minutes I wanted to create a space that resembles a room which viewers can enter and take in for a moment. In doing this I used very basic materials - ink, quill and paper.

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