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Transience and fast pace of life have been in my scope of interest for some time. Firstly, I explored these phenomena through abstract drawings but lately I moved them into the field of painting intertwining it with photography experiments. I deal with the subject of time passing by searching for a parallel between the Arcadian landscapes of the past and their contemporary imagery so far removed from the idyllic representations created by old masters. The subject further implicates additional questions, such as our relationship with nature today, distancing ourselves from nature, the speed of life, alienation, etc.

For me, contemporary landscape is inseparable with photography, as well as from cities and urban environments. For this reason I prefer to use hectic city life rather then images of nature. This series is modeled after photographs with long exposures which associates on constant motion and dramatic changes to the lifestyle. I wish to question and compare the position of landscape today and to what extent has our perception of it changed.         

 Ana Markovic Art

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